Keli Kryfko

Miss Austin 2015

There she is....


Platform: Obesity: Losing to Gain

About Keli: I have lost over 100 pounds and now compete with the Miss America Organization. I have realized that my purpose on this planet is to pay it forward and with my passion for people along side my love of big hair and helping others find their self worth it has been an incredible journey. As a motivational speaker, blogger, and pageant girl I have had the opportunity to help change the lives of several people all over this country. Oh and I am obsessed with all things Ellen, my family, and singing show tunes on and off stage! 

Interesting Facts: Creator of High Heels and Treadmills; Desire to be on Broadway and the next Personal Trainer for Biggest Loser; Advocate for hemophilia; I have one flat foot and one curved foot; Struggled to overcome a learning disability; I have seen every Judy Garland movie ever made; Traveled to the Philippines for mission work; I met Miss America at the 2012 New York Fashion Week; I am an avid sports fan; my dad was a pastor; Keynote speaker at The Boys and Girls Club graduation; My car has eyelashes.
Career Ambition: My ultimate dream is to be an inspirational speaker all over this country. 

Favorite workout: Weight training with HIIT cardio mixed in. Spending hours on the Eliptical can make me crazy! I have to constantly be moving, thinking, and changing it up. 

Favorite Cheat Meal: I have a huge sweet tooth and LOVE cake so if I am going to cheat there has to be a tasty treat at the end of the meal!